Friday, February 12, 2010

Small victory. . .

I did my Wii Fit today I hadn't done it in awhile. So, I stepped on the balance board and the last time I had done it (November 26th) I was 311.1 lbs, today I was 280.4 lbs, that is a difference of 30.7lbs in 2 and a half months, I was ecstatic. I had been going to the gym instead of using my Wii Fit and then I stopped going to the gym, so I decided to start using my Wii Fit again. I forgot how much fun it was. I burned 152 calories in only 30 minutes (awesome). I also wrote 3 post it notes to place on my scale. So all-in-all today was a great day. I am looking forward to tomorrow ( I work the night shift so my new day starts in the afternoon).