Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wicked Witch of the East . . .

I cannot tell you how pissed off I am. I work at a hospital and obviously patient confidentiality and HIPPA are a big thing. People get fired for breach of information every day. Well I am not stupid to be one of these people! On Saturday something happened at work that made me sad, so I wrote as my facebook status "is sad . . ." then a few people commented and asked me what was wrong, because I am usually a pretty happy person. Well I wrote "lost a baby". Nowhere on my page did it say where I worked, who I worked for, what unit or floor I was working, who the patient and/or patient family was, NOTHING! Lost a baby could mean a dog, or something I saw on television, or lost my boyfriend (which we did jsut break up), these people don;t fucking know! Well this bitch who I never liked in the first place called the ICU nursing supervisor and said I wrote "coded a baby for 3 hours in the ICU, and it died, I'm sad". So her director, emailed my director and it was this whole to do. She even told s coworker of mine about it, and kept telling my co-worker I shoudl be fired! God I really don't like when people try to get me in trouble for something I didn't do. At least let it be for something I have done! This happened Saturday and I am still fuming about it. I wish God would heal my heart, because I am so mad. I don't ever want to see this chick again, but I have to she works in the area I usually work in . . . ugh! Please lord take this anger, and this hurt from my heart and lift me up. Please forgive this nurse for her malicious lies.