Sunday, October 3, 2010


So I worked out Friday night on the recumbent bike, Saturday morning I went to an Aqua Fit Class, and this morning did upper body weight training. I feel so good, remind me why I stopped eating right and exercising?! SO I stepped on the scale this morning before I ate anything, and weighed 291.4. That's 4 lbs down from when I started 3 days ago! YAY! I joined Bill Phillips community and he says to only weigh yourself every 2 -3 weeks. So I will not be weighing myself again until 10/17/10 (I know I will become to antsy to wait 3 weeks, lol). I will be sure to let you know how that goes. I am a person who becomes obsessed with the scale when I start a weight loss regimen, so I am going to tape a big note on it "DO NOT USE UNTIL 10/17" to remind myself. Gotta go now. Have to plan my meals for the week :) Forgot to tell you my Realization! So I was at the gym today, feeling a little agitated that I got off track on my journey, and then realized, hey you know what everyone does. It's not about how many times it takes you to succeed at your goal. It's that you reach. It's the end result that matters. SO I have forgiven myself, and feel a little less burdened now. That's all!